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I Pon Sex - Iponsex adult video tube website brief review and analysis for January 2021


I pon sex ( called "I pon sex" or "Iponsex" ) is a new free pornographic website just like other adult porn tube website such as Pornhub, Pornone and Xvideos. The adult website is similar to Pornhub in appearance because of the dark theme present in both website as well as other features such as filters. I Pon sex have the attribute of many free porn tubes website in that the website provide a platform where users can upload, download and view adult related contents for free without entering any credit card information, it has a very simple user interface unlike its counterparts. Iponsex has be making wave in the internet since its invention in December 2020. Iponsex is the best website when it comes to watching latest african porn especially Nigerian porn and cameroonian porn among others such as asian porn, milf and teen porn. Over 50 videos are uploaded on a daily basis and as at February the website has over 2300 clips uploaded by various content owners. Some of the videos are very high quality videos, ones very difficult to find else where in popular porn site. Unlike Pornhub and other top websites, the videos on the Porno website can be downloaded for free without the need to login or entring credit card information. The website is very responsive in different internet enabled mobile devices. In otherword, I pon sex website is mobile friendly. contents can be viewed accrossed the device at one's convenience. As a general niche website, the most common niche viewed on Iponsex is African and Ebony. Other niches includes MILF, babe, POV, hentai, animated and teen among others.


I pon sex ( ), is a highly recommended distination website to watch latest African or general niche porn videos. The videos on I pon sex features black ebony performers, of which some of them are amateur as well as professionals involved. Some of the scenes are so unique that it is difficult to find else where in other websites for free. That is, Iponsex contains amazing scenes. What is so unique is the fact that most of the contents are premium which are only found in paid site. This is one of the major reason why Iponsex or "I pon sex" will succeed in the global adult tube website market as most viewers prefer watching something new than to watch popular videos. People who cannot afford to access premium videos on paid porn website could just be lucky to find some of the premium videos, uploaded by content owners, on Iponsex website. The user interface is very basic and easy to navigate around. Uploading videos to the website is so simple that while one video is uploading, another video can be uploaded in another tab. That is to say, videos can be uploaded in multiple tabs at the same time.

Presently ( February 20201 ), I pon sex currenently has no ads yet. In otherword, there is no current monitization going on on the website. Maybe because they are looking for the right traffic amount before monitizing the website. Theporndude for example requested they only accepts websites with over 30,000 daily visitors before they can add it to their website

Presently the maximum size allowed to be uploaded on the website is about 505mb and the maximum length of the videos on the website ( i pon sex ) is more than one hour long. The videos can be sorted according to being watched, most recent, most viewed, most commented, most rated, to favourite, and longest. media content can also be sorted by timeline such as added today, added this month and added this week. Iponsex also has HD videos. 


Iponsex consists of several categories as well as tags adult videos can be accessed via tags, categories as well as searches from the search bar. These can be used to access videos based on the categories or tags accessed. The tags gives specific information about a video, For example, a tag called "ebony" is expected to display result of scenes that contain black actors or actresses or both. Same with categories. Example of popular tags are african, pov, lesbian, hentai, animated, and anal among others. Popular categories are ebony, african, babe, college, celebrity and casting. For content owners, in is very important to add the correct tags as well as the correct category when uploading on Iponsex.

I Pon sex data traffic statistics for January 2021

The traffic analysis of Iponsex obtained from Google analytics shows traffic information for Iponsex in the whole of January 2021. It is noticable that page view was the lowest in January 1st ( less than 2,500 page views ) while the view was highest on the 31st of the same month ( more than 18,000 page views ). The major factor for this is due to the daily video uploads as well as backlinking factors. From January 1st, there have been a steady increase in traffic as well as page views till 29th. Although there was drop in number of users in 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and so on. All in all, there has be a noticable increase in number of Iponsex users as well page views. From this analysis, it can be predicted that the number page view will not be less than 18,000 page views in day in February 2021. If proper SEO is implement, the website can generate more than 2,000 users a day in the month of February. Iponsex managed to have slightly above 1000 visitors in 29th January. From 14th January upward the number of daily visitors was above 700 daily users. Judging the website now will be quite unfair I think since the website is slightly less than two months old.

From above information, more than 14,000 people visited Iponsex and spent the average of 11 minutes and 38 seconds on the site as well as viewing the porn website in the total of about 340,000 page views. It should be noted that the website is less than two months old, as mentioned before. Each user viewed about 11 pages on a average on Iponsex. Hopefully, this will increase as more videos are uploaded on "I pon sex". Less than 35% of the visitors left the nude website when they visited just one page before exiting. The reason for this is quite unclear but one possible explanation is that they visited the website by mistake. Investigating the cause is very important as elliminating or reducing this problem will help increase traffic in the future ( Bounce rate is very hard to elliminate ).

New and returning visitors in "I pon sex". 77.8% of the visitors are new visitors while the rest are returning. This implies that more than 11,000 of the people who visited I pon sex are new users that accessed the websites from search engine ( Google etc ), direct URL etc. 

From the above, Five of the top ten countries of visitors are African countries ( Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire and South Africa ) and four of them are european countries ( France, UK, Belgium and Germany ). Most traffic came from USA with more than 2200 visitors ( in January ) while Nigeria is second with slightly more than 1,500 visitors and France is exactly 1,209. As mentioned earlier, Iponsex main niche is African and Ebony. It is not a suprise that most of the visitors resides in African countries. 

The higest traffic source ( 44.7% ) comes from organic search result such as google and Bing while 43.1 percent is direct traffic i.e by entering the URL directly to the browser and 11.7 percent is from referrer ( other websites such as Twitter, Xvideos and so on ). It should also be noted that the higher the number of backlinks the increase in traffic from referral domain. In otherward, the referrer traffic can be increased with by increasing the number of backlinks. As a new website, it is recommended that the traffic from organic search should be by far higher than any other source of traffic and as this will greatly improve website's productivity ( my opinion ). 

As mentioned before, the wabsite is less than 3 months old. Presently ( as at 6th January 2021 ), I pon sex is ranked 1,263,166 in alexa ranking. Hopefully, the ranking should improve to less than one million before the end of February 2021.

All in all, I pon sex is an upcoming video sharing adult pornographic website that is looking forward to compete with top rivals in the future.  Iponsex is working harder and harder on a daily basis to improve on their UI in order to deliver good quality content to end users. 



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Iponsex is giving out amazing prizes

Iponsex is currently giving out amazing cash prizes which can be redeemed via gift card or PayPal. 

  • The first five uploaders to upload 100 + videos get $10/£10 which can be redeemed via PayPal or gift card
  • Videos uploaded must not exceed 501MB
  • Qualified winners are contacted via email address

Tips for winning amazing prizes

  • The title and description must be unique ( not copied directly from other website )
  • Length or size of video doesn't matter but quality does. For example a 3 mins video of 1000 views per week could have more quality than 30 mins video of 400 views
  • Qualified uploaders are rated based on the number of views per video as well as the number of videos uploaded
  • The more you upload the higher the chances of winning

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